7th Conference on Natural Channels Systems

NCC 2020 – Balance:

Balancing Driving and Resisting Forces to Achieve Project Goals

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Building on recent meetings, the theme for the 7th Natural Channels Conference is Balance.  Balance in the approach to design and project goals, balancing driving and resisting forces in order to ensure outcomes that match the process.  This work is created over generations and integrates knowledge and practice from geomorphologists, engineers, landscape architects, and stream biologists.

In 2020 we will continue to use a multidisciplinary lens to evaluate natural channel systems with a widened view of cause and effect, employing the knowledge of past work with present research to connect the landscape to the channel.

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Join us in Guelph, Ontario, July 6-8 for the the 7th International Conference on Natural Channels Systems

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The first Natural Channel Systems conference was held in Niagara Falls in 1994. The key message conveyed at that conference was that the erosion and water quality problems we have in our watercourses are a disease and the technological solutions we throw at them are drugs intended to deal with the symptoms. This message still holds true today.

At the core of the Natural Channel Initiative is to manage our watercourses to be naturally functional, dynamically stable, healthy, productive, sustainable, to deal with the fundamental root cause of issues, and to work with the natural processes taking place within our river systems.