Networking & Early-Career Development Opportunities

Calling all early career attendees!

Join the Early Career Event on Sunday June 25, to discuss strategies for network building and crafting your story.

We are pleased to have Mairin Scannell lead our Early Career Event. Mairin is a master of applying design thinking principles to project management and problem solving. ¬†She currently works as a Project Manager at the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph, prior to joining her current team, she worked in the Innovation and Entrepreneur space on campus and oversaw the operations of University of Guelph’s MakerSpace. She has created and taught a university seminar (Sports: The Good, Bad & Ugly) and previously worked in professional sports, sales and social services.

Details: Starts at 5:15pm, in Rozanski Hall rm 102, and will be finished by 6:15pm and are welcome to join the Ice Breaker!

Pick up your registration package from the Registration Desk in the Rozanski Hall Foyer.

A little bit of fun…

As a way to hone the new skills you’ll learn with Mairin, and build your networks, practice your ‘pitch’ at the Ice Breaker, Wine and Cheese, and afternoon breaks over the next couple of days. Find another attendee with a happy face sticker on their name badge (this means they are up for pitches/introductions), and they have a star sticker. Once you collect 4 star stickers on your ‘pitch’ card, submit your card (with your name on it) to the registration desk to be entered into a draw prize!

We hope this is a fun way to help expand networks.